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Ooty - Ooty capital of Nilgiris Ooty (Udhagamandalam),the capital of Nilgiris district is popularly known as the Queen of hill stations, is one of the important and Interesting Tourist spot of Tamilnadu. Nilgris is a beautiful mountain range which is a part of Western Ghats. Nilgiris means "Blue Mountains".Totally there are three places to visit namely Kothagiri, Coonoor and Ooty. Among these three Ooty is given the primal importance because of its scenic Beauty and excellent climate conditions .Ooty is used to be popular summer and weekend getaway for the Britishers during the colonial days. It is located at the tri junction of Tamilnadu, kerala and Karnataka. It is at 7500 feet above the sea level.
An added attraction for the tourists to Udagamandalam is the mountain train journey on a ratchet and pinion track which commences from Kallar, near Mettupalayam and wends its way through many hair-raising curves and fearful tunnels and chugs along beside deep ravines full of verdant vegetation, gurgling streams and tea gardens. Ooty is a best place to know the culture and tradition of India and tribal people.

History Of This Beautiful Hill Resort - ooty Blue MountainsIt is believed that the name Nila, has been in use for over 800 years since, the King of the Hoysalas Vishnu Vardhana, who ruled from 1104 to 1141 AD seized the Nilgiris Plateau. His general Ponisia recorded this fact in 1117 AD with mention of Todas. The name Nilgiri was due to the blue haze, which envelops the range with most distant hills of considerable size.

This Nilgiri territory came into possession of the East India Company as part of the ceded lands, held by Tipu Sultan, by the treaty of Srirangapatnam in 1799. Rev. Jacome Forico, a priest was the first European who visited Nilgiris in 1603 and released his notes about the place and people of Nilgiris. In 1812 surveyor William Keys and Macmohan visited the top of the plateau. In 1818, Wishand Kindersley, Assistant and Second Assistant to Collector of Coimbatore visited this spot and submitted their experience report to the Collector of Coimbatore Mr. John Sullivan. Settlement in Udhagamandalam began in 1822 with the construction of the Stone House by John Sullivan, the then Collector of Coimbatore. The bungalow, which is locally called "Kal Bangla", is one of the landmarks of Udhagamandalam and is now the Chamber of the Principal of the Government Arts College.

  Fact Files  

Nearest Air terminals :Nearest Airport is Coimbatore (100 kms).


Nearest Rail terminals : Nearest broad gauge railway head is Mettupalayam (46 kms).Major broad gauge railway junction is Coimbatore. It is connected with all major cities. Mettupalayam to Ooty, is connected by a Mountain Railway which is 4 hours journey. - OotyBy Road :Ooty is connected by good roads.
To Madras 535 Kms. (Via Salem)
To Coimbatore 89 Kms
To Coonoor 18 Kms. (Via Gudalur)
To Mysore 160 Kms.
To Calicut 187 Kms.
To Bangalore 290 Kms.
To Cochin 281 Kms. (Via Coimbatore, Palakkad)
To Trichy 302 Kms. (Via Coimbatore, Karur)
To Kodaikanal 256 (Via Coimbatore, Palani)


   Important Festivals  

  Tea & Tourism Festival in Nilgiris
Thaipoosam in Elk Hill Murugan Temple
Bokkapuram Mariamman Annual Festival
Ooty Mariamman Temple Festival, Car Festival
Coonoor Mariamman Temple Festival, Car Festival
Boat Races and Boat Pageantry in Ooty
Summer Festival Dog Show in Ooty
Flower show in Ooty
Fruit show in Coonoor
World Tourism Day - OotyJanuary



In and around Ooty - ooty• Botanical Gardens (2 kms)
• Tiger Hill (16 kms)
• Dodabetta Peak (10 kms)
• Rose Garden
• Valley View Lake - Boat House Lake (1 km)
• Wilson Fish Farm, St. Stephen Church, Marlimund Lake (5 kms)
• Wenlock Downs (2 kms)
• Avalanche (15 kms)
• Elk Hill, Kalhatti Falls (14 kms)
• Snowdon, Glen Morgen (25 kms)
• Masinagudi
• Coonoor

Botanical Garden

As the name says this Garden formed by Mr.Mc.Ivor during the year 1857-1867 is a collection of flora. Words to be found to describe the beauty of this botanical Garden. The total area of this place is about 22 hectares. Situated at the slope, down the hills at a height of 2400-2500 meters. An explicit collection of flowering tress, Beautiful shrubs, Rare colored lilies are seen, orchids present here are really enchanting
Even rare species of cactus, Succulents and many pteridophytes are seen here. Small glass house plants are also grown here.A very pleasant experience is gained by visiting here. “Women love flowers and men love women” so all love this place as Nature mother loves the humankind. Not for words but really a fantastic experience
Tiger Hill
A Beautiful hill located to the east of udagamandalam. That too is at the lower bend of Dodda-Betta peak. Mountain Trekking is a is an excellent thing to be done to reach the spot actually for about 3 km. up the hill, A drinking water reservoir is seen. A closed cave is seen at the upper parts of this Hill. The reasons behind this closed cave will take us to some legends. What ever may be the things this is an excellent place to enjoy.
It is the highest peak (2623 meters) in the Nilgiris and is about 10 Kms from Ooty. It lies at the junction of the Western & Eastern Ghats and offer beautiful vistas of the Nilgiri Hill ranges. It is surrounded by dense sholas. There are three more hills along with Dodda-Betta, whose names are needed to be mentioned because, the impressive udagamandalam valley is seen as these four mountains unite among themselves. Their names are the snowdown hill, the club hill and the elk hill.
Rose Garden
Located less than a km from Charring Cross, the rose garden is laid on 10 acres of land. The garden has a collection of more than 1000 varieties of roses.

  Boat House Lake - OotyEven though the name of this lake is boat House Lake, people use to call this lake as ooty lake. The British ruler called john Sullivan has constructed this beautiful lake in the years 1823-1825. He was the first collector of udagmandalm. To enjoy the riding in this lake there are various types of aquatic vehicles including pedal Boats, Row boats and aqua bikes. Not only the watersports but, things like Dancing cars and Mini Trains are the perks given to the Tourists. Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation takes charge for maintaining this Boat house lake. A place called Lake Park jolly world is also located in this Boat house lake. A Pleasant and pleasing feeling could be realized by visiting this place.
Children’s park
At the eastern end of the lake we find a children’s park. Already the climate and natural green carpet, adding pride to ooty, this children’s park is also an important place. The Green atmosphere, the St.Thomas church view and the moving railway from the mountain would definitely attract any child and will make them enjoy so much. There are really Good entertainment inside this park. Rowing, Boating and Horse riding are they. A park filled with fun, really.
Located at a distance of 25 km from ooty. A place that should not be missed. A dam called Canada dam is seen here. An exotic experience of mountain trekking could be realized in this place. Green valleys around Avalanche and a top view or Hawk’s view, By which the Beauty of a large area of udagamnadalam could be seen are important ones. A nice hunt for photographic Beauties. A Williamwordsworth sleeping in every one’s inner mind would definitely waked up in view of this place. A beautiful lake surrounded by a thick shola where even sunlight cannot penetrate and abundant with a wide variety of avifauna is a Nature Lover's Paradise.

Cairn Hill

Situated at a distance of 3 km form the avalanche hills. The dense cypress tree in this place makes it important. A very nice picnic spot to visit. Withstanding many natural calamites like Earthquakes, cyclones and Heavy rainfalls this small But Beautiful place still survives which calls us every now and then to visit.
It is located in an area of 13.2 sq on the way from Coimbatore to Udhagamandalam. It is second largest hill station in the Nigiris. It stands on a lower ridge of the plateau at an altitude of 1858 mts. ( 6100 ft.) Population is 48003. The road between Ooty and Coonoor is quite forested with hills looming in the distance. Again, there are blind turns and you have to be very careful around the corners. Coonoor town seems as crowded as Ooty but, a little distance away from the centre of the city peace descends again. Coonoor is more charming as it has quaint houses, old churches and not too many visitors as compared to its more famous neighbouring city. Ooty and its rolling hills give way to snarling traffic in the centre of town which is thankfully bypassed for a smooth drive on the way to Coonoor.
Ketti Valley view
Situated on the coonoor Road This valley is the second largest valley in the world. This region is a seen with larger constellations of villages, that forms the parts of coimbatore and mysore. An exclusive spot in ooty.
The road to Coonoor is the same till Mudumalai and Masinagudi. It is another 35 km to Udhagamandalam, better known as Ooty and 18 more to Coonoor. The drive beyond Masinagudi entails 35 hairpin bends and though these are very enjoyable drives, the trouble is, everyone else seems to think so too. Watch out therefore for maniacs coming tearing down from the opposite side. Masinagudi used to be an elephant corridor. So don't be too surprised if you do see some wild tuskers on the road. Apart from the scenic beauty of the road, the drive through Masinagudi is charming in itself.
 It is 31 kms. from Udhagamandalam. The climate is very salubrious which is 6503 feet above sea level. Kotagiri is shielded by the Doddabetta ranges which receives much of its rain from north west monsoon. One can enjoy a pleasure ride on road flanked by green tea beds on either side.

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